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melissa R green graduate56 at juno.com
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Coming home with my girl was
fun and nerve producing.  I
was nervous about introducing
her to my roommate's dog, and
the cat.  It all went very
well.  There were times when
things happened that I thought
that she wished that she was
back at the school.  Lol!  Its
been four years and we are
still a team.  I would say
there will be ups and downs
and both of you will be
learning because things will
be different when you get home
than they were in class.  Good
luck and wecome back to the

Melissa R. Green and Pj
It is 'where we are' that
should make all the
difference, whether we believe
we belong there or not. 

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Hi all,
My name is Anjelina and I'm
from Pennsylvania. I have
recently started the
application to The Seeing Eye
for a dog guide. I previously
was on this list to gather
information about what life
with a dog was like and
appreciate everyones input. :)
Are there any recent TSE grads
on list? No matter what school
you attended, what was coming
home with your guide like?
I'm sure I'll have lots more
questions. :)

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