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Danielle Sykora dsykora29 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 15:48:17 UTC 2015

I haven't actually taught this myself, but this is probably the way I
would. First teach the dog to touch the bell on command. If your dog
already knows how to target your hand or other object, this shouldn't
be too difficult. Start by putting your hand/target object behind the
bell and giving the touch command. Start rewarding for touches that
are strong enough to make the bell ring. Then you can put a command to
it and work on increasing the distance between the dog and the bell.

If you are teaching your dog to target for the first time, reward your
dog for first for looking in the direction of the bell, then taking a
step toward it, then touching it with his nose, then only for pushing
it hard enough to ring.

Up until this point, put the bell away between training sessions. At
this point, begin telling your dog to ring the bell right before you
take him out to relieve. He rings the bell, gets a reward, and goes
right out the door and directly to his relieving area. Eventually, he
should associate ringing the bell with relieving and you can keep the
bell hanging up at all times. When your dog starts ringing the bell on
his own, you can phase out the reward so he doesn't just ring it when
he wants a treat. Treat the trip outside after he rings the bell as
you would if you suspected your dog needed to relieve in the middle of
the night, very business-like and no-nonsense. Of course praise him
for relieving, but take him right back inside if he tries to play or
something similar.

Danielle, Thai, and Bonnie (GDF puppy in training)

On 8/7/15, Tracy Carcione via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> I hear some people have taught their dogs to ring a bell or something when
> they have to go out.  How is this done?
> This morning, Krokus had an accident in the house.  I have the day off, and
> slept later than usual, and didn't rush him out the second I got up.
> Stupid.  But he does nothing to let me know he's anxious to go.  Sometimes
> he may rush about, but he does that anyway.
> I never wanted a puppy, ever.  I never wanted the chewing and the
> housebreaking.  Now I've got both.  I'm not very happy.  At least the
> chewing is slowly getting better.
> Tracy
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