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I have never had a guide who told me when he/she wanted to go out. Sometimes
they were a little more restless, but because of the schedule, they came, I
think, to rely on me to take them out. We do this with all of our dogs, and
generally they aren't forthcoming about their needs. If they are, then it is
a good thing we noted or there would be an accident. Fisher never has them
now except if he's sick, but we have had to really work the schedule so he
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I hear some people have taught their dogs to ring a bell or something when
they have to go out.  How is this done?

This morning, Krokus had an accident in the house.  I have the day off, and
slept later than usual, and didn't rush him out the second I got up.
Stupid.  But he does nothing to let me know he's anxious to go.  Sometimes
he may rush about, but he does that anyway.


I never wanted a puppy, ever.  I never wanted the chewing and the
housebreaking.  Now I've got both.  I'm not very happy.  At least the
chewing is slowly getting better.



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