[nagdu] Arbitrary restrictions on playing with future guide dogs

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 12:39:08 UTC 2015

Hey Raven, when I first got dogs, we gave them tug toys to play 
with us.  The thing that I never did was allow my dog to win at 
tug of war.  I never wanted her to think that she could dominate 
me.  I have played with balls with my dogs, and Kongs, having 
them bring the toys to me.  It has not affected my work life with 
my dogs.  I'm thinking about getting Nova a stuffed animal which 
I will supervise her with to see how she does with it.  She has 
carried the cat's little mice toys in her mouth and not chewed 
them or anything.  (They are too small for me to feel comfortable 
to let her have them, but she never did chew them).  But each dog 
is different.  Neena could never have a stuffed toy.  She 
destroyed anything that was soft.  She also chewed the top off of 
a Kong.  Actually 2 Kongs.  Lol.  (I can laugh now).  Didn't at 
the time.  So I really really think it depends on the individual 
dog.    Debby and Nova

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