[nagdu] Volunteering at the animal shelter.

Deanna Lewis DLewis at clovernook.org
Thu Aug 13 13:22:48 UTC 2015

I used to volunteer at the local animal shelter, and I would like to start volunteering again. I'm also looking into working at a veterinary clinic. My main duty at the shelter are to socialize the dogs and cats. Some of the duties include: taking the dogs on walks, playing with them, doing obedience with them, getting them used to walking calmly on a leash, etc. In the past, I did not take my guide dog with me. I rode Para-transit to the shelter, since it was harder to get to from my old house. But, now I live closer to the shelter and can easily ride the bus there, and walk about 5 short blocks.
I am debating on whether to take Mambo with me to the shelter. It would be nice to have him guide me on the route to and from the shelter, but I also don't want him to get any diseases that the stray dogs may be carrying. Also, I don't think it would be a good idea to have him around, as I interact with the unfamiliar dogs. I am thinking that the best place for him to stay at the shelter is in one of the administrative offices or at the front desk. We walked to the shelter yesterday and Mambo did very well with the dog distractions, pretty much ignoring them completely.
Have any of you volunteered at a shelter or vet clinic? Did you choose to take your dog with you? Any other advice is greatly appreciated.
Deanna and Mambo

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