[nagdu] relieving a dog while being wheelchair mobile

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 17 03:43:40 UTC 2015

Hi, all,
Sub says it all.
I broke my foot over a month ago crashing into a pole in my power chair.
That was caused by a skateboarder who decided he was illegally crossing over Lawrence street.
Odie was with me on duty at the time when the incident took place.
The skateboarder came barreling toward Odie and I very fast, then he darted behind my wheelchair, scaring me badly.
I then hit the pole.
Odie was off of work for a while and he was being taken care of by some friends out in Centenial, Colorado.
I wouldn't been able to take him out to park him nor stuck to his needs.
He's with me for now as I need to get his heartworm test done tomorrow and nails trimmed upon giving him a bath.
I'm curious of those who are wheelchair mobile on how they are able to bend down and clan up after their dog without accidentally falling out of the chair completely?
I'm teaching Odie to stop along the side of my chair, just a little ways past it so I can feel what position he's in.
Once he has done his business, I can slide down to my foot plate of my chair, find his droppings and pick them up.
Am wondering how those who are partnernered with wheelchair trained guide dogs do this?
Bibi and MAR son Odie 

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