[nagdu] Puppy raising, taking the pup in public

David david at bakerinet.com
Tue Aug 18 16:30:34 UTC 2015

I see value in pups being able to play with each other.  They test 
themselves, learn to get along, vent energy, and enjoy themselves when 
they play with other dogs.

If I had 3 dogs, I probably wouldn't see the need for playtime.  I know 
that Claire Rose would very much like it if Fenway, our 7 year old pet 
lab/husky, would play with her.

She certainly had fun playing with her brother at GDF during free play time.

I don't think your different attitude means you don't care, Cindy. It 
just means that you don't see socializing with other dogs as a 'need'.  
Who's to say?  Personally, I like to see Claire Rose have fun playing 
with another dog.  Of course, what is fun to one dog may not be fun to 

David and Claire Rose in Clearwater, FL

On 8/18/2015 11:27 AM, Cindy Ray via nagdu wrote:
> I must be some kind of mean. I love my dogs and play with them, but I see no
> need to get them play dates with anybody else's dogs, to throw parties, or
> any of the rest of it. I love them a lot and I have three dogs. Is there
> something wrong with me? They aren't kids, they are dogs, and that is my
> personal attitude. This is not to say anybody is wrong because they do these
> things; I just wonder if somehow I don't give enough care to their needs. I
> am serious about this.
> Cindy Lou Ray
> cindyray at gmail.com

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