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I think naming names is a good thing.  I think it makes people accountable 
for their actions.  I think it also encourages thought before action.  Forty 
years ago, there was no internet and information was not as easily shared. 
Now that everyone knows as soon as they do something rude, inappropriate or 
offensive, they are going to be called out publically for it, they might 
just think twice before doing it.

Of course, I am not encouraging gossip in any way.  Sandra wasn't gossiping 
though.  This was her personal experience.  She was not guessing or 
spreading rumors.  She was sharing her personal truth.

There's also a big difference between sharing the facts of what happened and 
calling names.   One is honest and respectful and the other is judgmental. I 
view it like reading the newspaper, just tell me the facts and let me draw 
my own conclusions.

I think we need to stop hiding behind brand loyalty and accept the truth in 
all it's colors.  No one complains when names are named in regard to some 
warm fuzzy story.  If it's okay to name names in that instance, then I don't 
see why it's not okay to name names when the going gets tough.

Yes, what happened to Sandra was a long time ago.  She is clear about that. 
People change as do program policies.  GDF offers full ownership at 
graduation now.  It's important to acknowledge where we are now, but in 
order to do that we have to know where we came from.

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Hello Sandra,

I was very disturbed to hear of your experience having your guide dog taken 
from you.  I think that it is very important  for guide dog handlers to be 
given full ownership of their dogs to avoid this kind of situation.

that said I was also disturbed to hear of your account blasting the school 
and trainers by name.  Your experience was unfortunate but it happened 40 
years ago and does not reflect on the way the school or the trainers behave 
today and bring negative responses today for something that happened 40 
years ago.

I was also trained by John Byfield in 2005 and I have been in contact with 
him recently.  He is an amazing man.  He began training dogs in 1957 and he 
is still actively training dogs and handlers today. I just got a message 
from a friend who completed training with her guide dog today.  He is a 
legend in the international guide dog world and I believe he is the best of 
the best trainer of dogs and handlers.

Please, what happened 40 years ago was a long time ago and I think John 
Byfield and GDF should be judged on all they do today, not by what happened 
in the past.

Perhaaps your story would accomplish more by recalling your feelings of 
helplessness and sorrow rather then naming names and blaming the school.  A 
lot has changed in 40 years.

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