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I don't think Sandra ever said he wasn't a good trainer.  Training and 
repossessing are two entirely different issues.

It's interesting to me that people seem to take special offense because of 
the time element to this story.  Would it make a difference, as far as the 
naming names part, if it happened 4 months ago?

A really honest question that I would really like answered...why is there 
such fear about sharing anything negative about the schools?  I've never 
been to a program and it's obvious I'm missing something here.  I can't 
think of anything else that even comes close to the loyalty, to the 
detriment of progress, that some people feel  about their guide dog school.

When I think about my college, my orientation center training, past 
employment, the city I live in, my friends...my choice in soft drink...if 
one of these people/entities did something I found repugnant I would want to 
talk about it openly with anyone interested in talking about it and more 
importantly doing something about it.  That is not the case when it comes to 
guide dog programs and I am baffled as to why this is.

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Hello Julie,

Yes, people should be accountable but people are not the same as they were 
40 years ago.

I don't thhink it is fair to name names because if someone meets John 
Byfield today they will have a wrong opinion of him based on an old story. 
He is an excellent trainer of both dogs and handlers and I would hate to 
have anyone think otherwise today.

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