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I am wondering if all of this talk about sharing names or not totally
magnifies the negative effects of doing so. The whole point of Sandra's
story was to say why she would 
Support immediate and unconditional ownership of the dogs. The name of the
instructor was actually irrelevant, though she did use it. As for the
restaurant analogy, I think it is apples and oranges. I am sure that Sandra
knew the instructor is still there,. 
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Just a thought about names.  If I went to a great restaurant, but it was
forty years ago, I probably wouldn't share the name, because 1.  the
restaurant might not even be there.  2.  If the restaurant still exists, it
might not be the same great place.  
So why would I share a bad experience with an instructor that I had forty
years ago? I admit that I have done so, but hopefully not publicly as in
email.  If I have, I apologize.  It's not fair 
to that person.    Debby and Nova

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