[nagdu] Please don't pet me, I'm working.

Craig Heaps craig.heaps at comcast.net
Fri Aug 28 14:38:47 UTC 2015

I have that exact sign on Chase's harness: Do Not Pet Me I Am Working.

I believe it helps.  But it's impossible to know. Some people still pet 
him even with the sign, so it's not an absolute cure.  And how to do you 
measure a negative such as how many people didn't pet him who would have 
petted him if the sign had not been there?

I got the sign mostly because we go to crowded places such as Giants 
baseball games at AT&T Park in San Francisco. It seemed people on the 
BART train wanted to pet him. So did people on the Muni Metro light 
rail.  And so did people in line to enter the ballpark.  So I got the 
sign.  I think it helped.

A lot of people read the sign out loud.  I think that's good.  It gives 
me an opportunity to reinforce to them the danger for me of distracting 
my guide dog.

I have considered changing it to No He's Not Training Me. He's Legally 

Craig and Chase

On 8/28/2015 3:11 AM, Raven Tolliver via nagdu wrote:
> Does anyone use these signs on their guide dog? I recently encountered
> a couple people who said that I should have a sign on my dog's harness
> so that they and others know he is a working dog and will not pet or
> interact with him.
> I argued that the idiots who lack self control and common decency will
> still pet my dog, regardless of some sign that most people won't
> bother reading.
> But is this something worth considering?

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