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Ann Edie annedie at nycap.rr.com
Sat Aug 29 17:46:58 UTC 2015

Hi, Andrea,

Welcome to the group.

I am Ann Edie. I live in New York State in the USA. My guide is Panda, a
14-year-old, female, black and white pinto miniature horse who was trained
for me by my friend Alexandra Kurland. Panda was trained entirely using
positive reinforcement methods, and that is how I continue to communicate
and work with her. I worked with three guide dogs before deciding to use a
miniature horse guide. Panda's guide work is wonderful, and she continues to
love her work even after 12 years. Since she is just getting into her middle
years, I look forward to many more years of happy partnership with her. The
two best things about working with a miniature horse guide are that her work
and our relationship just keep growing deeper and better, and that the
relationship can reasonably be expected to last for decades instead of just
a few years, as with dogs.

I enjoy discussing service animal related issues as well as other social
questions, and I enjoy learning about how people live and deal with
disability issues in other countries and cultures. This is a good list for
such discussions, as many list members are well-informed, open-minded, and
thoughtful. I hope you enjoy the list and feel free to express your thoughts
and opinions here.


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