[nagdu] Guide dogs and sports

Daryl Marie crazymusician at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 29 19:33:40 UTC 2015

Hi, guys!

I've seen the news article about Klinger, the "certified" running guide dog (don't open THAT can of worms, please), make the rounds of this list and twitter earlier this week.  I am curious about other activities you do with your guides? Hiking, tracking, field lessons, joring, whatever.  I am curious how you got into these activities, how you can tell if your dog enjoys them (or not), any special ways you train your dogs for these activities, etc.  Have traditional guide dog schools been encouraging or reluctant? Have you had to fly under the radar, so to speak?

I am blogging about my own experiences, as well as those of a few others... if you would like me to quote you, let me know specifically; if you don't mention wanting to be quoted, I will not quote you.  Either way, I think this might be a fun discussion for the list!

Daryl (with Jenny, the un-certified, but oh so good running guide dog!)

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