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Monty has been around goats, horses, sheep, cows, chickens and llamas.  He's 
fine around all of them, except the llamas.   He's very scared of llamas. 
Good thing it's pretty rare we come across them!

Jetta has been around cows, chickens and I think horses, but I can't 
remember for sure.  She's fine with all of it.  She does like to stop and 
look for a minute.  I think because it's a new and interesting thing and 
she's trying to figure it out.

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So here I am riding on the transit. We stop and someone says, "oh look they
have their goats." My eyebrows go up. The lift get deployed and a kennel
comes on hoisting, I assume goats. But they made no noise the entire time.
So how would your dog's react? Jake raised his head then sat up and put his
head on my lap. Then shortly he lay down on his own.

Love this dog, I can take him anywhere.

Becky and Jake

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