[nagdu] Guides at NFB training centers

melissa R green graduate56 at juno.com
Mon Aug 31 02:11:05 UTC 2015

I know some people may not
want to hear this.  However,
there are people that are
antidog in the Nfb.  I have
experienced this recently at
convention.  When my girl was
intentionally hit with canes.
And of course it will trickle
down to the centers.  Many of
our past leaders were not dog
users, and there are some
antidog things written in the
literature.  But this is why
we have Nagdu, right?  

Melissa R. Green and Pj
It is 'where we are' that
should make all the
difference, whether we believe
we belong there or not. 

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David, I actually think this
is a good idea.  I would
however that people would need
to have some training with
dogs first before coming to
the Center.  But a Center
could do 
travel training with dogs,
philosophy, Braille, tech
everything.  Plus dog stuff,
like taking pride in your dog
your skills that you have
worked for.  It would be a
different than the other
Centers, but it could
definitely be 
done.  I don't see why dog
users can't walk with our dogs
just as much pride and freedom
as people do with canes.
and Nova

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