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Wow sounds like lots of
stress.  But you made it
through.  Good luck with
buying the house.  I would
like to do that someday soon.

Melissa R. Green and Pj
It is 'where we are' that
should make all the
difference, whether we believe
we belong there or not. 

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Hi all, 

I hope everyone is doing well.
I'm back and I'm going to give
you an update and tell you all
about our move from hell.

Rick arranged to have the
movers (Cleveland Moving
Company)  come out on Friday
September 25th to move us from
our apartment to our new house

But before I tell you about
the move  let me tell you
about  what happened to
Rick's paycheck. Rick and I
went down to the post office a
week before the actual move
to the post office know that
we wanted our mail to still be
delivered to our apartment on
the day of the move for the
last time because on this day
Rick was expecting his
paycheck in the mail. This
paycheck that Rick got was to
pay for the move.Well when I
went to check the mail their
wasn't any mail to get except
for a post card from the post
office saying something like
vacant . We told the post
office to deliver our mail on
Friday September 25, 2015 for
the last time and then the
next day to start delivering
the mail at the new address at
the new house. 

Needless to say since the mail
wasn't delivered to the
apartment and Rick's paycheck
wasn't in the mail he had to
go down to the post office and
straightened  things out with
our mail delivery and see
about getting his paycheck
from the mail carrier  so that
he could pay the movers. Rick
had to chase the mail carrier
down  on his route.Rick did
manage to finally get his
paycheck from our mail
carrier. So you can see the
day didn't start out on a good
note and the day only got even

The movers were supposed to be
at our apartment between
eleven and noon to move us.
But  I got a call from them
that they will be a half hour
late  which at that time I
wasn't to worried. But a
little later on the movers
called back again and said
that they were sitting at a
gas station  where they were
going to get gas  to fill up
the truck to make the trip and
move. But their company credit
card  wasn't working and they
couldn't get gas so they
didn't have enough gas to make
the trip and do the move. 

So this meant that they
couldn't make the trip and do
the move but they said that
they would have their company
try to send another truck out
later on in the afternoon to
try to do the move or try
getting a truck out on
Saturday the next  day if
their's a opening available.
By this time Rick and I were
very frustrated  about the
entire situation. In my
opinion the movers should have
had the truck gassed up and
ready to go the day before the
move so there wouldn't be any
problems.The Cleveland Moving
Company was supposed to call
us back on Friday afternoon to
let Rick and I know if another
truck could be arranged for
Friday afternoon or for
Saturday but we never got a
call back from them. Needless
to say Rick and I were very
stressed and very upset about
the whole situation.

Rick and I now had to figure
out what we were going to do
about moving because we had to
be out by the end of the

I told Rick we will never use
this moving company ever again
and we will not recommend them
to anyone. They were very
unprofessional and left Rick
and I hanging  not knowing
what to do about the move.

Rick and I ended up  getting a
couple of friends of my mom's
who had a pick up truck and a
flat bed trailer  and t hey
came over along with my dad
and his vehicle  along with
Rick and I helping to move us
from the apartment to our new
house 3.8  miles away. It took
us all that entire weekend to
move everything from the
apartment to the new house.
Lets just say it was a very
stressful and frustrating move
for us and were glad the move
is done and over with. 

I stayed up late at night
unpacking and putting things
away and not going to bed
until around three and four in
the morning. 

I have the kitchen totally
cleaned up and things put away
in it's place  and it looks
like a kitchen. I got the
living room area all arranged
and pretty much done except
for putting things back on our
intertainment center. I also
have our bedroom  totally
done. The three bedrooms here
in the house are smaller than
what our bedrooms were at our
partment. So Rick has to use
the front bedroom  closet for
his clothes and he also has to
put his dresser in here  along
with  any other stuff of his.
The middle bedroom used to be
my grandmother's bedroom and
there's still a lot of my
grandmother's things  in there
that we need to  clear out and
get rid of. Plus we have some
of our unpacked boxes in there
that we still have to go
through and put away
somewhere. Eventually this
middle bedroom  we will make
it into a guest bedroom. Plus
the garage is totally full
with Rick's and my stuff and
still alot of my grandmother's
stuff that needs to go
tthrough and get rid of  or
get donated to somewhere.

We also got our cable, phone
and internet hooked up along
with a security system
installed in the house.We just
got our computer back up and
running because after Time
Warner Cable came out to
install the cable, phone and
internet hook up we still
couldn't connect to the
internet. The Warner Cable had
to come back out a second time
and get our computer up and
running again and it turned
out that we needed to replace
our old modem  with a new
modem which fixed the issue
with our computer so now were
back in business and on line

All the animals are  doing
well in their new home and
Gipp and Little Girl love the
fenced in back yard.

Oh by the way, I will be
eventually buying my
grandmother's house and I'm in
the process of filling out
papers to help me be able to
buy this house. Their  are
government  programs out there
that will will help me be able
to  buy this house. I think
that's about it for now. I'm
still so far behind on my
email and Idon't know if I'll
ever get caught back up but
I'll try to do the best that I
can. Take care.

Lori and the Gipper
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