[nagdu] Accidents, please help!

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I've had a similar problem with females because of a hormone imbalance
caused by spaying.  You might ask your vet if a male could have an imbalance
that would cause incontinence.  I've never experienced a dog who peed while
walking, though.
Krokus was having a problem this summer with really needing to pee, but I
took care of it by watching his water and taking him out every 3 hours, and
you've tried that.
Sorry I can't be more helpful.  Good luck.

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Hi all,

My 2-year-old pup has had several accidents both in the house and in a
couple of stores while working. Thank goodness he hasn't had any problems in
our low-key office setting, but if we go somewhere where more walking is
involved, it seems all bets are off. It does not seem like marking behavior.
He usually just starts to pee as he is walking and leaves a long stream
behind him. He always seems to really have to go, so I don't think he's just
spraying a little to mark his scent. He started doing this the first couple
of days in class in January when I got him. The instructors thought it might
have been stress-related, and it really died down after the first week of
class, so we thought he would be fine. He did well for a few months after I
brought him home, but for the last couple of months it's become a big
problem again. I try to give him a chance to park every time before we go
into a store. He's averaging about 2 accidents a month. I do not give him
free water, and I take him out between 6 and 10 times a day. At the moment,
he's eating wet (raw) food and only gets 4 cups of water a day on top of
that. I took him to the vet where they ran bloodwork and did an exam, and
they said everything was normal. I'm really stressed about this as I feel
like I can't give him water for several hours before I plan to go somewhere
without worrying about him leaving puddles. It is truly mortifying when your
guide dog pees in a business, and I'm really worried I may have to retire
him over this although his work is quite good otherwise. I'm looking for any
suggestions about how to stop this behavior. Has anyone had this problem and
successfully worked through it? Please, any help would be greatly




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