[nagdu] service animals and Uber or Lyft again

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You do what you think you must. However, keep in mind that you might have
one or two drivers in a row who refuse to take you and you still are short
on time and left stranded.

Many of us have a significant amount of experience with this issue whether
it be with Uber or from other circumstances. Not all of us wish to take such
a hard line which is why we all love this free country. Sometimes fighting
the good fight does help. You have to be the one who decides your actions.

I can only say that you and the rest of us as blind people are the true
blindness experts. We will only be perceived as such if we promote our
expertise consistently and all the time..

It is easy to have an excuse for our actions, but consider this. If you give
advanced notice and a driver chooses not to come to pick you up then what
about the next time that driver gets a request and the requester does not
inform the driver about their guide dog? You already have empowered the
driver because they simply refused you and there will not be consequences
for their refusal. As I said in a previous email denying a request is easy.
The driver will never be held accountable for their action, or lack of
action, unless they are dumb enough to say they denied you because of their
dog. Given that Uber is now putting information out to drivers informing
them about their responsibility to accept passengers with guide dogs the
smart drivers will never tell and we all lose.

Best Regards,

Michael Hingson

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I know you all are dead set against letting folks know.  And I understand
that, but if you're short on time, you don't want to be left strandand.  I
just think people have to use common sense, figure out what is happening in
their life at that moment, and do what we need to do.  If I have lots of
time, if I am in a safe place where I don't mind waiting, then I don't tell.
If I have an emergency and don't want to be left strandand, then I tell.  
Sorry, but that's the way it is.     Debby and Nova

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