[nagdu] Bringing my dog?

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My wife and I do a little of that as well! It depends on what you want to
do! On one hand, the dog may bring folks over to see your booth. But, if you
don't think you need to then, she can stay. I am comfortable doing either
with Holly as long as I'm doing the deciding not someone else. 

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Hi, guys!
Not sure how many of you know, but I make handcrafted beaded jewelry. I
decided to stop talking about it and take the plunge, and in about six weeks
I am doing my first ever craft show!

I am super excited and absolutely terrified! I know very little about
displaying my jewelry, and know that I will be creating pieces while I am
there, so my hands will be busy with beads and wire and scissors and
I'm wondering if you think I should bring my dog. I've of two minds about
it.  It will be winter, and she can get me there safely... but it's
literally two blocks away at a small venue, and with excitement and my
nerves, I know she'll pick up on it. I also want people to focus on the
jewelry, not the dog (which I do realize can go either way).

I know that once I get one of these shows under my belt, I will probably
feel more comfortable and will definitely bring her... but I feel bad for
almost wanting her to sit this one out.


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