[nagdu] Bringing my dog?

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My personal opinion is if your gut feeling is to leave her, then leave her. 
It's a personal decision and there are a lot of factors to consider.

I took Monty to a youth involvement fair a few months ago.  He did attract 
folks to the table, but they were not customers.  I think Michael's case is 
different since his guides are a definite part of his message or the reason 
he is there doing books signings or whatever.  It makes sense for him to use 
the dog as an advertising strategy.  I would take my guide next time, but I 
really like Rox's suggestion of the long tablecloth.  I found I was 
interacting with people about the dog and perhaps missing opportunities to 
talk with actual potential customers.

Courage to Dare: A Blind Woman's Quest to Train her Own Guide Dog is now 
available! Get the book here:
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Hi, guys!
Not sure how many of you know, but I make handcrafted beaded jewelry. I 
decided to stop talking about it and take the plunge, and in about six weeks 
I am doing my first ever craft show!

I am super excited and absolutely terrified! I know very little about 
displaying my jewelry, and know that I will be creating pieces while I am 
there, so my hands will be busy with beads and wire and scissors and 
I'm wondering if you think I should bring my dog. I've of two minds about 
it.  It will be winter, and she can get me there safely... but it's 
literally two blocks away at a small venue, and with excitement and my 
nerves, I know she'll pick up on it. I also want people to focus on the 
jewelry, not the dog (which I do realize can go either way).

I know that once I get one of these shows under my belt, I will probably 
feel more comfortable and will definitely bring her... but I feel bad for 
almost wanting her to sit this one out.


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