[nagdu] Medical transportation.

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You can take your guide.  It shouldn't be a problem.  I forget which section 
of the ADA it is, but there is a provision for not discriminating against 
someone based on being accompanied by a person with a disability.  In this 
case that would be your Mom.  I feel like I'm not making much sense. 
*smile*  Hopefully someone who has had more coffee can explain better.

Go, be there for your Mom.  I hope everything goes well, both for her and 
the ride there.

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Hi all,
Hope you all are doing well. I have an interesting question for you all 
Currently, my Mom has Medicaid and they have a transportation vehicles to 
get their patients to and from medical appointments. Well, my Mom is having 
surgery on Friday, and I plan on riding in the vehicle with her. The company 
does allow a person to accompany the patient. My question is this, can they 
deny me from bringing my guide dog with us? Technically, I am not the 
patient. I would think that if I was the patient that they could not deny me 
from bringing him, but I don't know how it will work, since I am not the 
Has anyone experienced this?
Thanks for any advice.
Deanna and Mambo

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