[nagdu] dog distraction, continued

Raven Tolliver ravend729 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 21:41:37 UTC 2015

The Golden Guy's dog distraction is so strong that none of these
things have ever worked. I simply take it upon myself to keep us
moving passed other dogs by snapping my fingers to keep him focused,
and talking him through the distraction. I will sometimes hold the
leash in my right hand as we pass other dogs on our left, but never
correct with the leash. Leash corrections only make him more defiant
and shut him down altogether, so I only use the leash to redirect in
these situations.
I only stop for a dog distraction if we are about to cross a street.
Other than that, I take advantage of the Golden Guy's increased pace
around other dogs, and get him to move quickly away from the

If I am traveling with other people and their dogs or in a high dog
traffic area, the Halti is a God send, keeping his excitement down and
keeping him focused.

In some situations, I just take the lead and don't expect him to even
guide passed a dog. This typically happens when we are closely passing
by a dog, and he is pulling toward it. In those instances,  I just
know that it's my job to use my body to push or pull him in the
direction I need to go.
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On 10/24/15, Debby Phillips via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> It might work, Tracy.  But I've actually had to give Nova a
> couple of really firm leash and verbal corrections, but it's
> because it's my friends with their dogs who she sees all the
> time.  She's pretty good about going by dogs in the neighborhood,
> but dogs she sees a lot, she wants to greet all the time.  She'll
> actually turn around to look at one of them if they come up
> behind her.  I guess she feels like they're part of her pack now.
> We ride the bus together, walk into work together, go to the room
> where the dogs stay while we're out on the floor.  Maybe they
> have some way of communicating with each other from their cages,
> I don't know.  Finally today after two pretty stern verbal and
> definitely firm leash corrections she settled down.  I'm glad she
> doesn't act that way with strange dogs, but it's a pain in the
> neck with her buddies.  Sigh.  If this keeps up, I may have to
> call the school.    Debby and Nova
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