[nagdu] So relieved I could cry!

Daryl Marie crazymusician at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 10 19:54:22 UTC 2015

Hi, everyone!
With allergies being a topic of discussion, just wanted to follow up. This past week, in particular, Jenny's been SO itchy... it got so bad that she would rather scratch herself than see her favorite people at work yesterday.  It's so bad that people have been asking about her itching, especially the past couple days.  This morning, her eyes started running (thankfully, this has happened before in the spring and fall, so I have eye drops on hand).
I had ordered no-name Claritin (loratidine) online, but it hasn't arrived yet. In desperation, we took a trip to Wal-mart today, and I paid a pretty premium for a few of the name-brand tablets.
Honestly, it's like a switch has turned off. The past three hours, the scratching has almost stopped completely. I am so relieved, I could cry!
Jenn's ears have been a little smelly and mildly bothering her (likely related to the sinus blockage), so I put some coconut oil in there to soothe them, and she's stopped pawing at those now, too!

So, Claritin + Coconut oil for the win!

Daryl and the much much MUCH less itchy Jenny

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