[Ncabs] February Minutes

Currin, Kevin kwcurrin at live.unc.edu
Tue Feb 14 03:50:04 UTC 2012

Whatup fellow blind students of NC,

This is the minutes email...so here are the minutes:

Justin Salisbury (President)
Gary Ray (NFB President)
Griffin Lynch 
Kevin Currin (Secretary)
Lea Williams (Vice President)
Sharon Newton 
Patti Gregory-Chang (NFB Illinois and Chair of the NFB Scholarship Committee)

Called to order at 9:35 pm.

Patty gave overview of national NFB scholarship.
1.	Must be legally blind in both eyes.
2.	Must be attending school full time (can be community college and online college as well).
3.	Must be a resident of the United States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.
4.	Must attend national convention (on NFB expense).

There are varies scholarships ranging from $3000 to $12,000.
Make sure to apply, even if you don’t think you will get it.
Deadline for the application is March 31 at midnight (midnight for whatever time zone you are in). The online application can now be saved and changed up until March 31. 
Must send confirmation of legal blindness, transcript (doesn’t have to be official but an official transcript may be requested), two letters of recommendation, letter from state NFB President, and essay. 
Its good to be proactive and contact Gary Ray for a President’s letter instead of waiting for Gary to contact you. 
The national convention is important because it shows you what it means to be blind and it helps the committee to get to know you and decide who gets what scholarship. Scholarship winners will get a different mentor each day of the convention.

Patty and her assistant can be contacted by phone at 773-307-6440

Gary Ray discussed the NFB of NC scholarship.
There will be only one $1500 scholarship this year. The deadline is June 30. 

Student Seminar
We need to recruit students. 
Sharon and Lea are contacting DSB social workers across the state to see if they can spread the word to students about the seminar. We may need additional people to contact social workers. Let us know if you are interested!
Wilmington DSB office is considering making NCABS one of their vendors so that they can pay for the trips to our student seminar from their district.

We are also contacting all of the colleges in North Carolina. We could use some help contacting schools. If you are interested, let us know!

We also need to make sure the students at GMS know about the seminar. 

The deadline for vendor forms is Friday February 17 (that’s this Friday!). The deadline could possibly be extended if NCAER agrees to extend the deadline.
Vendor contacting hasn’t been very successful. We really need to get some more vendors. 

Justin would like to have another call in two weeks on the 27th of February.
Call concluded at 10:44 pm.

Cheers to sleep deprivation,


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