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Subject: Vote Organizing Job Opening

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Looking for a Vote Organizer

Looking for a Vote Organizer


I    Project Description: 
The purpose of the Just Vote Arizona! (JVA) - Disability Coalition is to
promote and support equal access, and individual and system advocacy, in
order to maximize opportunities for the inclusion of individuals with
disabilities into the electoral process.

Just Vote Arizona believes that people with all types of disabilities should
have the same civil rights as people without disabilities.  JVA, therefore,
works to change societal attitudes about people with disabilities away from
a patronizing, pitying medical model towards empowerment, independence, and
integration as fully contributing and voting members of their communities.

The Just Vote Arizona! Disability Coalition is composed of various
disabilities related organizations that seek to increase the number people
with disabilities in Arizona who are registered to vote and turnout to vote.
Additionally, the coalition seeks to promote and assess the implementation
of the Help America Vote Act.

II    Position Description
The primary focus of the community organizer position is to assist with
coordinating, promoting, and supporting the goals of the Disability
Coalition as directed by the JVA Coordinator.

This position is part time - 20 hours weekly, with flexible scheduling and
some working remotely possible.

III    Key Functions and Responsibilities include: 

1.    Assist with organizing and mobilizing a grassroots network in Arizona.

2.    Implement actions steps that support voter registration drives and
"Get out the Vote (GOTV) campaigns

3.    Perform administrative and communications tasks necessary to
grassroots organizing, such as, maintaining a database of contacts, creating
and administering listservs, sending action alerts, and overseeing the
project's website.

4.    Assist with coordinating and integrating JVA activities with other
disability related advocacy groups.

5.    Develop contact lists for key reporters related to print and
electronic media; plan and execute regular media hits

6.    Write educational material, op ed and press materials for voter
registration drives and GOTV campaigns.

7.    Research project related issues in order to develop appropriate
messaging in written materials and for public presentations.

8.    Provide periodic written progress reports to the JVA Coordinator
related to the completion of the JVA goals and objectives and other assigned

9.    Carry out the key functions and responsibilities of the position in
compliance with federal state and local laws and ordinances.

10.    And other duties as may be assigned.

IV    Position Requirements:

1.    Bachelor's degree or sufficient related experience.

2.    Proficient computer skills and experience working with MS Office
software, in particular with database programs.

3.    Good verbal and written communication skills with experience in
presenting ideas clearly and persuasively.

4.    Ability to exercise discretion and initiative in organizing and
implementing multiple tasks with minimal supervision.

5.    Demonstrated ability and commitment to work with diverse and
multicultural populations.

6.    Ability and willingness to travel around the state as needed.

V    Desired Attributes: 

1.    Knowledge of Help America Vote Act, the Voters Registration Act,
American with Disabilities Act, the Rehab Act and/or other state and
national laws regarding the rights of people with disabilities.

2.    Personal experience with a disability and/or the disability community
and a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the philosophy and goals
of the disability rights movement.

3.    Creativity, leadership and initiative in carrying out assigned tasks
and ability to exercise independent judgment.

4.    Bilingual ability - English/Spanish

VI    Salary: $18,000 - 22,000 commensurate with experience.  

VII    Term: This position is currently funded for one year only. Continued
employment is contingent upon future funding

VIII    To Apply Please Submit:
1.    A cover letter with a narrative description of your interest and
2.    Your resume and
3.    Three professional references.  

Send your materials:
Email    tony at azsilc.org
Mail    Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council
The Disability Empowerment Center
5025 E Washington Street, Suite 214
        Phoenix, AZ 85034

Persons with disabilities & minorities are encouraged to apply.

Submissions are due by 5:00 p.m. on July 31, 2009.  The position will remain
open until filled.

About the Disability Vote Project
DVP works in a non-partisan manner to eliminate the barriers to voting and,
in close collaboration with coalition partners in states around the country,
to increase political participation for individuals with disabilities. DVP
aims to get people with disabilities registered to vote; strives to educate
them on how to get to their polling places and what their rights are at the
polling places; and works to make polling places accessible to voters with
all disabilities. 

About AAPD 
The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is the largest
national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the United
States. It organizes the disability community to be a powerful force for
change - politically, economically, and socially - and recognizes the value
of working in broad coalitions to foster unity, leadership and impact.  AAPD
is dedicated to achieving total equality for and full participation of
people with disabilities in all aspects of society, recognizing that this is
the social justice issue of our time. 


James  <mailto:vote at aapd.com> Dickson 
Vice President,  Government Affairs

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