[New-hampshire-students] October 27 NFB board minutes

Ed Meskys edmeskys at roadrunner.com
Thu Nov 4 21:58:31 UTC 2010

Conference call board meeting Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010, called to order about 
8:35 PM. All board members present except Wayne Harvey and Donald Little. No 
guests present.

President McNabb reported that the Monadnock Chapter was preparing for its 
bake sale on Oct 30. Ed Meskys reported that the Lakes Region Chapter, 
because it had few members who do baking, would make a donation to the state 
affiliate and sell candy and pass out literature as its Meet the Blind Month 

Treasurer Fergesan reported that the state affiliate had received three $25 
donatons in memory of member Freeman Downing who had died August 24.

President McNabb also pointed out that April 14-16 was not definite as the 
dates of the convention, but it would be sometime during April, 2011. Since 
the dates are not locked down, we do not yet have hotel reservations.

We are still planning for an in person board meeting at the Concord Common 
Man on Saturday, December 11, 11 A.M., with a Yankee gift swap as the fun 
opener. After lunch the official meeting will begin. All interested persons 
are VERY welcome to attend. You do not have to be an officer or even a 
member of the NFB.

We will have one more conference call board meeting on a date to be 
announced later. [Since then the call has been scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 
30, at 8:30 PM.]

We discussed the problems updating our state section of Newsline, but Steve 
Yerardi said he is working on it. He is also working on trying to get an 
up-to-date state website.

Concerning Washington Seminar, some Federationists will gather in Florida on 
Saturday, Jan 29, for the Daytona 500 car race which will be opened by a 
blind Federationist driving a specially modified car around the race track. 
Then people, including us, will be there in Washington by Monday, Jan 31for 
the in-gathering meeting that evening, She suggested we arrive on Sunday. we 
will visit our congress persons on Tuesday, Feb 1, and return home on 
Wednesday, Feb 2. The state affiliate will pay for the hotel rooms, one or 
more men's dorms and one of more women's dorms, and it will be up to the 
individual delegates to provide transportation and incidental expences. 
Those interested in attending should contact her by Dec 1.

Meeting adjourned about 9:05 PM.

Ed Meskys, secretary

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