[New-hampshire-students] ABiSee Black Friday Sale

Erica erica_fbd at abisee.com
Mon Nov 8 17:09:54 UTC 2010

*ABiSee brings you good fortune on Black Friday!*

Looking for a gift for yourself or someone special who has difficulty 
reading small print?

ABiSee products are gifts that "keep on giving" for several years. 
Devices for all vision levels and learning curves will restore 
customers' ability to read small print in books, magazines and even on 
food packaging. Reading becomes enjoyable once again. Our instant 
scanner-readers, on sale on Black Friday, can read aloud any printed 
material within 3-5 seconds.

**These savings are available on Black Friday only and will not be 
revealed until November 26th! **

Visit www.abisee.com 
early on November 26th to reveal our Black Friday savings, just in time 
for the holiday season.

To learn more about ABiSee, Inc. products, click here 
or call ABiSee toll free at 1- 800-681-5909.
Please forward this email to blind and low vision students, parents, 
educators, and others who would benefit from this exclusive one day sale.

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