[New-Hampshire-Students] Continuing The Fight for Blind Voters

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Through our affiliates across the nation and in partnership with other
blindness and disability-rights advocates, we seek to ensure that all blind
voters can vote privately and independently from the safety of their own
homes during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. For too long, election
officials in most states have ignored their legal obligation to make
absentee and mail-in ballots accessible to the blind, despite urgent
requests from us even before the pandemic gripped our nation. 


We are now taking the battle to these election officials. In the days
surrounding the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities
Act, we filed suit in both Texas [2] and Virginia [3] seeking court orders
requiring those states to make the needed changes to their voting
procedures. Litigation is also still ongoing in Michigan [4], New Hampshire
[5], New York [6], and Pennsylvania [7]. 


Resolution 2020-23, passed by the 2020 National Convention, also demands
amendments to the Help America Vote Act that cover absentee voting and
voting by mail. These actions are a part of a legal and advocacy strategy
to ultimately secure the right of blind voters everywhere to participate
fully and equally in all aspects of federal, state, and local elections. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding voting in your state, please
connect with your affiliate president [8] or your local board of elections.
For the latest news on our efforts, you can visit our Press room [7] and
NFB in the news [9] pages. More information on our voting efforts will also
be coming to our website and to your inbox soon. 



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