[NFB-Braille-Discussion] Introduction: Robert Jaquiss

rjaquiss rjaquiss at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 23 21:34:18 UTC 2019


     I have not seen anything from Tactus. As the Sales Engineer for
American Thermoform Corp. (ATC), I attend the CSUN and ATIA conferences. I
am reasonably certain that I would have seen a new type of tactile display.

     Regarding the Canute, ATC has a very few units available. The price is
$2,500 which includes shipping within the U.S.If anyone wishes more
information on the Canute, please call 909-593-6711, Ext.102 or email me at:
rjaquiss at americanthermoform.com

Here are a few facts about the Canute:
1. The display is nine lines of forty cells.
2. The braille looks like double spaced braille, that is, there is a space
between each line as if a brailler user pressed the line advance twice. 
3. Only brf and pef files can be read.
4. Files must be loaded on either an SD card or USB drive.
5. The Canute runs on v110. There is no battery.
6. The Canute is a text reader. It cannot be used as a computer display.
7. Multiple book files can be stored on an SD card or USB drive. Multivolume
books can be stored in folders.
8. The Canute does not have WIFI.

Hope this answers some questions.



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