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I don't know much about your background, so it is hard to be very specific.  However, I can think of a number of people just within my NFB chapter that can likely read at least that fast.  Beyond that, though, you don't have to read braille that fast to have it be useful.  I have seen people who learned braille as adults and worked hard enough at it that they could read out loud at a very respectable rate.  You don't have to read at 240 words per minute to use braille to read from your notes for a presentation, for example.  

I would not at all want to discourage you from achieving the fastest rate you can, but be aware of the fact that speed is only part of the picture, and if you happened to not reach 240 words per minute, you will find braille to be very useful.

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Steve Jacobson

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Good evening. I hope everyone's had another wonderful Convention.

Does anyone here know of braille readers who learned as adults and
read at the standard 240+ WPM? I've only heard of one or two people
managing it; most people tell me it's never going to happen. I refuse
to accept that.


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