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Hello Tonia:


Can you forward the following message to our list?


Thank you 

Peggy Chong


Our state affiliate have bag holders once again to sell during the summer.
The board of directors voted at state convention to sell at our New Mexico
booth bag holders at our national convention.  So, get your bag holders
before they are all gone off to vacation in Florida.  


This year, we have two types.  Each is the same style as before, conforming
to a circle for easy storage in your back pack, pocket  or purse.  We have
the jeweled type as we had three years ago that come in 8 colors; red, pink,
purple, yellow, black, medium blue, diamond or clear as some prefer to call
them, and a medium green.  These sell for $5 each.  


This year we are offering another option. There are five with a floral
design.  One has a blue floral design.  There are two different red floral
designs.  A fourth is a purple floral design with a yellow and orange
butterfly and the last is primarily butterflies.  These sell for $10 each.


To avoid the lengthy delay in collections that we experienced last time, we
ask that you pay in advance if you wish to take several to sell to your
friends and families.  For those wishing large quantities, we will give them
out in the multi-pack bags so you will have choices for your customers.  IF
you wish, you can make your checks payable to the NFB of New Mexico.  Due to
the weight and postage costs, we will not be shipping them out to
individuals.  If you wish a large quantity to sell, we can work something


For more information, contact me, Peggy Chong at 505-508-1978 or email me
atpeggychong at earthlink.net.  





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