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From: Krystal, Coordinator, 2017 Braille Book Fair
To:  Supporters and past workers at the Braille Book Fair

Re:  Volunteer workers 
Where: NFB Convention, Orlando  FL
When:  Wednesday, July 12th 
Times:  9 am through 8:30 pm (prefer 2 hour time shifts)
Room location:  TBD Rosen Hotel

When you reply to this message, please provide the following information:
.         YES...I can work the following shift(s):
.         My cell phone number that I will have at convention is:
.         I live in (state):
.         MAYBE.....I'll check my schedule.  If possible, my preference is
to work these hours 
.         Braille skills (including if you read by touch or by sight as a
sighted person)
Note:  If you are a parent of a blind child under the age 18 (or still in
high school or below), we know that you will want to attend the NOPBC Annual
Meeting which takes place just before the BBF, but we would welcome you to
work either during the event or on the clean-up shift after the event.

The Braille Book Fair has become one of the highlights of the convention for
many teachers, parents, blind kids, blind parents, and adult beginning
Braille readers.  But the event could not take place without the help of
many dedicated, talented volunteers.  And that's where you come in.  As a
past worker, or simply interested supporter of the Braille Book Fair, I hope
you can either volunteer, or give me the contact information for someone
that you recommend.

You do not need to work the entire afternoon or evening, but I do ask that
you try to work an entire shift.  We especially need for people who help
customers to come BEFORE we open the doors at 5:00 pm and to commit to
staying until at least 6:30 pm. Book lovers are great for this shift, as you
will assist visitors in book decisions/selections.

Thanks so much for taking time to consider this request, and I look forward
to hearing from you soon!
If you can help, please contact Sandra Oliver, NOPBC Board Member at
713.825-4573 or Sandra.Oliver at ey.com

Braille Rocks,
Krystal Guillory
kguillory at louisianacenter.org 

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