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Hello Tonia, can you pass this on to our list?


Click to Give

HI all,

We have a new NFB campaign to raise funds from now to our NFB National
convention through a new "click to Give" campaign.  Right now,
Federationists need to fill out the on-line form on our website, add in
contacts of friends and family.  Then, encourage other Federationists to do
the same.  If one of our Federation family do not have an email address or a
computer, no worries, they can still be a part of the "Click to Give"


Why should we want to do this? Well, money.  From now and through
convention, we will be having a weekly drawing.  All of us who put in names
during the week will be in the drawing for a gift card that week.  So, do
this for the NFB and do this for yourself.  


How does this work?

1.  We, the Federationists are the imaginators.  We go to our NFB "Click to
Give" website page, https://nfb.org/text2017.  There are three form fields
to fill in.  Your first name,  your  last name and your email address.  The
next field asks what state you are a Federationist in. 


2.  Next, you add in the name of a friend, someone you do business, family
member or anyone you feel will give funds to the NFB.


3.  At the bottom is a button "Add Another:  Click on that and keep going.
Keep on going until you run out of possible email addresses.  IF you have
more to add five days after you did the list, no  problem.  Just head back
to the link.  It will remember you once you add in your name and such and
then add the names to your existing list.  


Now, what about our Federation family who do not have an email address or
computer.  Call them and tell them about the project and tell them to gather
email addresses from friends and family.  Then call them back several days
later and fill in the forms from your computer.  They too can win a prize.


At convention, those email addresses you filled in will get an email from
the NFB, asking to help raise funds during convention time and give them a
URL to click to and donate to the NFB.  That is how easy it all is. 


So,  organize your email addresses and start typing.  Then call those in
your chapter with no email addresses or computers and get them started.  You
could win some nice prizes yourself. 


Peggy Chong


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