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>The UEB Code Maintenance Committee is seeking opinions on a possible 
>change to the representation of single quotation marks and apostrophes in
>An explanatory document (in print and braille) and survey link are 
>located on the ICEB home page at www.iceb.org.
>Please spread the word of the survey through your local listservs, 
>social media, newsletters, meetings and word-of-mouth.
>It is important that we reach as many people as possible. Adults who 
>read a lot of electronic braille, adults who read mainly hard copy 
>braille, teachers of children learning braille and braille transcribers 
>are all likely to hold different opinions and their voices need to be 
>heard. Moreover, there is a big difference in the predominance of 
>single quotation marks in print across countries.
>The survey will be open for the month of June.
>The Code Maintenance Committee (CMC) of the International Council on 
>English Braille (ICEB) would like your input on possible changes to the 
>braille representation of single quotation marks and the apostrophe to 
>facilitate translation and reading on electronic braille devices. The 
>explanatory document gives an explanation of the problem and the 
>options under consideration. (Thanks to James Bowden, UK, and Leona 
>Holloway, Australia, for their work on this.)
>After reading the information, please complete the survey at
>www.surveymonkey.com/r/UEB-apostrophe [1]
>to indicate your preference. The CMC will use the results of the survey 
>to guide their decision on this issue.
>The survey will be available until the end of June. If necessary, this 
>time frame may be extended.
>Please share this message with any colleagues who may be interested 
>(with apologies for all the cross-postings I hope this will generate).
>Thanks for your attention to this issue.
>With best regards,
>Phyllis Landon
>ICEB Code Maintenance Officer
>[1] http://webmail.anchor.net.au/www.surveymonkey.com/r/UEB-apostrophe
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