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Our Imagination Fund Committee is pleased to announce a Click to Give
campaign that we will kickoff at our national convention. Click to Give
allows anyone to make a donation to the National Federation of the Blind
easily. This is an opportunity for us to identify those individuals who are
not members of the organization but want to support the good work that we
do. We need your help identifying individuals in your extended network of
family, friends, colleagues, and service providers. Their gift will assist a
newly blinded person with independent travel through our free white cane
program, help a child to learn to read through our Braille Reading Pals
program, assist blind veterans to regain their independence, and so much


How You Can Help

Please take the time to share the names and email addresses of potential
supporters by visiting  <https://nfb.org/give2017> https://nfb.org/give2017.
When the campaign starts, we will send an email inviting all of these
individuals to share in the great things we do every day to help blind
people live the lives we want. 


Filling out the form will take only a few minutes. It asks for your name and
email, as well as the names and emails of those you believe might give. We
can do the rest. 


OF course, if you also reach out to your contacts to explain the campaign,
tell your personal story, and ask them to give, it increases the likelihood
of success. We have developed talking points to help.


Talking Points:

1. Tell your story.

2. Talk about programs that are easy to understand.

3. We give the gift of mobility through our free White Cane program. 

4. We gift children with literacy through our free Braille Books.

5. We teach kids to read through BELL.

6. Literacy correlates with employment.

7. Most of all we help blind people live the lives we want. (Tell how we do
that. We push each other to achieve. We instill confidence.)


So, after you visit  <http://nfb.org/give2017> http://nfb.org/give2017 and
fill out our online form with your contacts, you could also send an email or
text saying something like:


Dear Joe,


I am dropping a note to ask for your help. I am a proud member of the
National Federation of the Blind. The NFB gave me the confidence to go to
school, take on a career, raise my children, and live the life I want. It is
other members who taught me to put bells on John's shoes when he was small
and who push me to master technology in my new job. We are reaching out with
a Click to Give campaign, which starts on July 10.  We will email you at the
start of our campaign, and I hope that you will respond with a gift. If you
do, you contribute to the National Federation of the Blind. 


The National Federation of the Blind helps newly blinded people regain
mobility through a free white cane program, teaches Braille to children,
distributes free Braille books to kids, assists blind veterans to regain
their independence, and so much more. This is a cause that has truly
impacted my life and helps blind people live the lives we want every day.
Please make a difference through your donation.




Please reach out to our Imagination Committee Chair Everette Bacon
personally with questions at (801) 631-8108 or at
<mailto:baconev at yahoo.com> baconev at yahoo.com. 


Let's build the Federation one gift at a time. Thank you all for
contributing your time and talent to make our dreams come true. 




David Andrews and Long White Cane Harry

dandrews at visi.com or david.andrews at nfbnet.org

Twitter:  @dandrews920


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