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=9caad57895&e=c806462bb1> American Foundation
for the Blind




Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss


The October issue of
=abf7581281&e=c806462bb1> AccessWorld is now available on our website.

This issue features:

*	Editor's Page:
=b086f60b67&e=c806462bb1> AccessWorld Celebrates Disability Employment
Awareness Month


*	AFB Is Taking Bold Action to Significantly Increase Employment of
People with Visual Impairments in the Workforce of Tomorrow, by Lee Huffman
Part of AFB's mission is to improve the employment rate among people who are
blind or visually impaired. This article discusses two employment related
initiatives, AFB's new designation as an AbilityOne CNA, and upcoming
employment summits across the country.


*	2018
=075fe2a6a3&e=c806462bb1> AccessWorld Employment Resources for People with
Visual Impairments, by Aaron Preece
Each year, we at AccessWorld strive to bring you the most comprehensive and
current employment resources and information for people with visual
impairments. We hope you will find the resources detailed here useful and


*	BosmaForce: Training Blind People for an Exploding Job Market, by
Deborah Kendrick
The networking experience of James Michaels and Adam Rodenbeck has led to a
brand-new training program for blind and low vision job seekers, preparing
people for employment in tens of thousands of companies nationwide, and at
salaries currently boasting a mid-range of $85,000.


*	The Ditto: A Wearable Notification Center for Your Mobile Device, by
Scott Davert
This review examines an accessible smartwatch called the Ditto, which can be
clipped to a garment or worn on the wrist. The device uses vibration to
alert you to various notifications from a connected iOS or Android


*	Type More Quickly on iOS with the FlickType Keyboard: An Evaluation
and Overview, by Aaron Preece
If your typing is already quite efficient on iOS, FlickType may not provide
as much of a benefit, though since typing using the in app keyboard is free,
it is worth trying. If you find typing on a smartphone difficult, I would
highly recommend giving FlickType a look.


*	Book Review:
=f34833daa0&e=c806462bb1> Drop into Dropbox: It's So Much More than File
Storage, by Judith Dixon, by Bill Holton 
Judith Dixon has an exemplary track record of producing excellent
accessibility guides and her books are excellent resources for the novice
user, and can still manage to teach us old dogs a trick or two.


=ebc39f66e8&e=c806462bb1> AccessWorld News


*	Letters to the Editor


=9753416b29&e=c806462bb1> Image removed by sender. Rectangular image in
three sections. Left-side section is the logo for Luxturna. Text reads:
Luxturna, voretigene neparvovec-rzyl, for subretinal injection. Middle
section reads: Take the first step. Learn if LUXTURNA may be an option.
Right section reads: Get started. Spark Therapeutics, Inc. April 2018. 

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Tonia Trapp, secretary

National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico

nfbnewmexicosecretary at gmail.com



Live the life you want.


The National Federation of the Blind is a community of members and friends
who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nation's blind. Every day we work
together to help blind people live the lives they want.



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