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Would you please post the following announcement?  Thanks.



"What would SHE like to order?"[1][2]



All too often a sighted waiter, cashier or other individual asks our sighted
companions what we would like.  There are some wayys around this and at the
same time an opportunity to educate someone.  These circumstances are
demeaning and originate mostly from a lack of education on the part of much
of the public.  Join us in a healthy discussion about such incidents and
perhaps gain some insight as to how to handle these circumstances.

Friends and family are always welcome and should also understand the
dynamics of such conversations.  Bring questions and concerns to the
Creating Options support group on Wednesday, Febrruary 20, from 10:00 a.m.
until 12 noon.  


New Mexico Commission for the Blind

2200 Yale Blvd. se

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The group will meet in our Skills Center kitchen.  Paarking is available on
south side of building.  You can enter the building at the Skills Center
entrance located in the nortth east area of the parking lot.  

Facilitated by Nancy and Don Burns





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