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The 2019 National Convention of the National Federation of the Blind is almost here! Please review the information below to help you prepare for your week in Las Vegas. You can find more information, including the agenda, on our convention webpage <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14862&qid=2811204> . 

Badge Pick-Up Information

You may pick up your preregistration packets in the foyers outside the Islander and South Pacific Ballrooms in the area designated “Preregistration” beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, July 8. Beginning Tuesday morning, and at other times as listed throughout the week, registration activities will be located at the Islander Registration Desk. Those who did not preregister may go to the area designated “Registration.” More information about registration is in the agenda introduction <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14872&qid=2811204> .

Membership Coins

Remember to bring your NFB membership coin with you to convention!

Inclusivity, Diversity, and Social Conduct

The National Federation of the Blind seeks to provide a convention environment in which diverse participants, including members, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and volunteers, may learn, network, and enjoy the company of friends and colleagues in an environment of mutual respect and professionalism. We recognize a shared responsibility to create and uphold that atmosphere for the benefit of all. Some behaviors are therefore specifically prohibited:

*	Harassment or intimidation based on race, religion, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, physical appearance, or other group identity
*	Sexual harassment or intimidation
*	Public drunkenness and associated behaviors

For assistance or to report an incident, please call 443-216-9777. All formal reports will be fully investigated according to the steps outlined in our Code of Conduct <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14873&qid=2811204> . More detailed information is published in the agenda <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14872&qid=2811204> .

NFB Travel Surveys

As you travel to and from Las Vegas for this year’s national convention, please report your travel experiences via the NFB’s travel survey <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14874&qid=2811204> . The NFB is committed to removing barriers and promoting equality for blind travelers. Your feedback will help guide the NFB’s advocacy around accessible self-service travel kiosks, travel websites and services, airports, and bus and train stations.

Remember, if you are traveling with your service animal and request an Uber or Lyft on your way to or from Las Vegas, please take time to report your experience via the NFB’s rideshare survey <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14875&qid=2811204> . The NFB is continuing to monitor whether Uber and Lyft drivers are denying rides to individuals with service animals or are otherwise discriminating against them. Your reported experiences are critical to these monitoring efforts.

Contact Valerie Yingling, legal program coordinator, at vyingling at nfb.org <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14876&qid=2811204>  or 410-659-9314, extension 2440, for additional information.

Spanish Translation

We provide simultaneous Spanish translation throughout various segments of our national convention. The NFB Spanish Translation Committee facilitates this important task. If you are a fluent bilingual Spanish speaker and are interested in volunteering, please email Daniel Martinez at DMartinez at nfbtx.org <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14877&qid=2811204> . Thank you!

Connect with Our Sponsors and Exhibitors 

Spend some time in the exhibit hall and check out these sales and offers available during the convention <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14878&qid=2811204> . Thank you to our affiliates, divisions, exhibitors, and sponsors for providing these opportunities. 

The sponsors of the 2019 National Convention <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14879&qid=2811204>  support the work of the NFB and help make the convention a success. You can stop by to say hello at the sponsors-only exhibit hall preview Monday, July 8 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. 

More information about the exhibit hall <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14880&qid=2811204>  including the full list of exhibitors and locations is available online.

Agenda Errata

The first topic of the Jernigan Institute Technology Seminars, scheduled for Sunday, July 7 in Tropics A is called “Low-Vision Accessibility Faceoff: iOS vs. Android.” This session begins at 6:00 p.m., not at 6:30 as indicated in the convention agenda.

The following sessions have changed rooms:

*	Vispero’s screen access software user group originally slated for 8:30 a.m. Sunday, July 7 in Tradewinds F is now in South Pacific D.
*	The Microsoft session titled “What’s New in Windows Narrator” is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 10. It has been moved from Coral A to Tradewinds C across the hall.
*	The AFB reception Thursday, July 11 at 5:15 p.m. has been moved from Tradewinds F to South Pacific B.

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Guided Tours

Shark Reef invites you to experience the aquarium. The guided tours for groups up to twenty people will include descriptions of the predator-based aquarium and tactile objects, including the touch pool with horseshoe crabs, stingrays, and fiddler rays. You can schedule a tour in the afternoon or evening Monday, July 8, Tuesday, July 9, Wednesday, July 10, or Thursday, July 11.

Please call the Shark Reef box office at 702-632-4555, option 3 between 9:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily to make your reservation. Tickets can be purchased at the Shark Reef box office prior to the tour time confirmed. Aquarium general admission is $20.00 for adults (ages 13 and older) and $14.00 for children (ages 4 through 12). The Shark Reef aquarium is located in the Mandalay Bay near the food court and South Convention Center.

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil

During the National Federation of the Blind’s 2019 National Convention, performances of MJ ONE between July 6-13 will have audio description live narration. You can visit the box office at the Mandalay Bay or visit www.cirk.me/NFB <https://www.nfb.org/libraries/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=14881&qid=2811204>  to buy tickets. After purchasing your show tickets, you may reserve a listening device by contacting the Mandalay Bay ticket office at 702-632-7593.










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