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Best wishes,
Tonia Trapp, secretary
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Subject: FW: Act now to get your kids' CARES Act payments!
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Subject: [EXT] Act now to get your kids' CARES Act payments!
This message is from Ellen Pinnes and The Disability Coalition. 
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SSI recipients who have dependent children age 16 or younger need to act by
next Tuesday, May 5, to request the $500 per child CARES Act rebate payment
for them and get it right away.  If that applies to you, go to
<about:blank>  and click on the link "Non-Filers:  Enter Payment Info Here"
(scroll down to find the blue box that says "Enter your information" or, to
get the form in Spanish, click on "Ingrese su informacion").  This will take
you to Free File Fillable Forms, where you'll create an account and follow
the instructions to enter information.
The IRS is imposing very short deadlines to get the kids' rebates right
away, along with your own $1,200/adult payment, and has announced that those
who don't meet the deadlines will have to wait until next year and file a
return to get the children's payments.  Advocates and members of Congress
are pushing for a change that would allow SSI recipients and others to get
their own payments right away and then get the rebates for their kids in a
later round, but without waiting a full year to get them.  But for now, the
deadline applies so we urge you to act now!
Please pass on this information to others who need to know.  Thanks for
helping to get the word out and make sure everyone promptly gets the
payments they're entitled to in these difficult times!
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Additional funding is provided by The Arc of New Mexico, 
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