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Best wishes,
Tonia Trapp, secretary
National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico
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Subject: FW: [Chapter-Presidents] Update on Joseph Ruffalo
Hi Tonia,
Please distribute the following information to the state list serve. The
dedicated website and email address to send best wishes to Joe are near the
bottom of the message.
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Subject: [Chapter-Presidents] Update on Joseph Ruffalo
Greetings My Federation Family:
Listed below is a medical update shared with the NFBNJ regarding Joe
Ruffalo.  I want to share it with all you as I know Joe is loved across the
country by all; please feel free to share as you see fit.
Linda Melendez, President
National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey
Email: president at nfbnj.org <mailto:president at nfbnj.org> 
w91bkcCvup6YAtsawGO%2BHwdPsYhS%2Bn0N6vBBTE%2Fs%3D&reserved=0> www.nfbnj.org
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16QUg%3D&reserved=0> NFBNJTransformDreams
Live the life you want.

The National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey is a community of members
and friends who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nation's blind.
Everyday we work together to help blind people live the lives they want.
Request for distribution by Janie Degenshein, NFBNJ Affiliate Board Member
This is the first of many updates I wish to share with our NFBNJ family
about my brother Joe Ruffalo. Joe is in need of quiet rest at this time but
knows that he feels the love and warmth of your prayers and thoughts. I wish
to personally thank those that have reached out to me via email, text, or
phone calls to share your heartfelt wishes. Over the next few weeks, there
will be other updates we wish to share with our entire NFBNJ family.
Below, my nephew, Joe's son shares his thoughts with you. If for any reason
the method of sending well wishes is unworkable for you, just send an email
to Janie Degenshein at jdegen16 at comcast.net <mailto:jdegen16 at comcast.net>
and I will personally share them with my brother.
Thank you all for reaching out concerning my dad, Joe Ruffalo. As many of
you may know he has been suffering from terrible pain for some months now.
His most recent bout has kept him in the hospital since December 7th. During
that time, it was diagnosed that he has cancer. We are still waiting for all
the details, but early indications are that it is not a common type of
Dad has always been a fighter and is in good spirits, although very tired. I
know many of you want to reach out and wish him well. The family, my mom,
brother Jim and I, as well as his brother's and sister's appreciate this
outpouring. For the time being I am asking that you do not call him. It is
not that he doesn't want to hear from you, but he needs to rest and quite
frankly I have woken him up far too many times myself.
In lieu of phone calls, I have created a special website and email address
where you can send him well wishes. Feel free to share a funny story or
moment, an accomplishment or something positive about your life. Dad loves
to hear that. My aunt Jane Degenshein and I will be reading these to him on
a frequent basis. We may not be able to respond directly to everyone, but
rest assured he will get your message.
Website: wishjoewell.com
email: wishjoewell at gmail.com <mailto:wishjoewell at gmail.com> 
We ask that you keep both him and my mom in your thought sand prayers.
Currently this is all we need and ask of you.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, 
Joey Ruffalo
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