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Subject: Don't miss out on state payments!
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Don't miss out on state payments!
This message is from Ellen Pinnes and The Disability Coalition.   
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Governor Lujan Grisham and the 2023 New Mexico Legislature enacted another
round of economic relief payments to go to New Mexico residents this year.
The bill authorizes two kinds of payment:
** People who file personal income tax returns for tax year 2021 will get
the payments automatically.  If you're in this group, you don't have to do
anything except wait for your rebate to appear, by a direct deposit to your
bank account or a check in the mail.  The rebates will be $500 for single
filers and $1,000 for married couples.
** People who didn't file a 2021 income tax return because their income
wasn't high enough to require one can request an economic relief payment by
going to the Human Services Department's online portal at
www.yes.state.nm.us <http://www.yes.state.nm.us> .  
              * The website will start accepting applications at 9:00 AM on
Monday, June 12 and applications must be completed by 5:00 PM on the
following Friday, June 23.  
              * You can claim the payment using either a Social Security
Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).
              * The amount of the payment hasn't been decided yet.  Payments
will be sent out by the end of July.  
              * The payments will NOT be considered in determining your
eligibility for Medicaid or any other program administered by HSD.
              * If you fall into this group, be sure to visit the Yes New
Mexico website and submit your application as soon as possible. 
For more information, check the Frequently Asked Questions at
https://www.hsd.state.nm.us/new-mexico-economic-relief-payment/.  And if
you're a resident of New Mexico, make sure you don't miss out on getting
your payment!
* * * * * * *   
The Disability Coalition is funded in part by the   
New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Council  
through Federal Program funding.  
Additional funding is provided by  
The Arc of New Mexico, Disability Rights New Mexico,  
the Independent Living Resource Center, and New Vistas.  
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