[Nfb-seniors] NFBN Senior Division March Meeting Reminder -Special Guest - Visitors Welcome

Robert Leslie Newman robertleslienewman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 14:27:07 UTC 2018

Hi you all

RE: Reminder of our March meeting; Next Monday! Just three days away

Guests are welcome


Contents of this message:

*When and how to get on the call


*Minutes from our last meeting; coming soon

*The NFB Pledge 


*#1 When and How to Get On the Call:

Date: Monday March 12th

Time: 6:00 MT, 7:00 CT 

Phone: 1-712-451-0011

Access Code: 345154Pound


*#2 Agenda:

-First- Come-to-order, say our NFB pledge (Presenter to be named)

*Second- A special guest! The Blind History Lady - Peggy Chong: Here is the
text from the ABOUT page found on her website: 


Data for stories for the Blind History Lady have come from many sources,
Census data, news, periodicals and magazine articles, interviews, files from
blind consumer organizations, government records, books, and much more.
Facts have been double checked as much as possible. I have tried to remove
the emotional reaction to blindness and take into consideration the times
that the subjects lived in as much as the source of the information. 


Much of the history of the blind has been lost to us due to lack of storage,
floods, fires and a lack of descendants to keep alive the memories, talents
and accomplishments of their blind ancestors to lead normal, everyday lives.
A larger portion of blind persons, discouraged to have children of their
own, left fewer today to tell their story. The many blind persons who lived
and died in poverty, often not even leaving a marked grave to visit, have
passed without leaving a trace in this world to follow. 


I have endeavored to find out as much as possible regarding the lives of the
traceable blind people of my stories, know how they lived and the sometimes,
extraordinary efforts it took to make it in the world as an ordinary
citizen. The obstacles that they overcame, many times were very different
than the sighted world around them recognized. Few realized that they, the
sighted were placing barriers through their efforts to help the blind. 


Her website address is: https://theblindhistorylady.com/


Peggy will share with us a couple of historical figures from Nebraska's


-Third- secretary & treasurers Reports Will be given



-Membership- do make calls to past members who have not joined us during
recent meetings. And/or think of someone new to call and invite to join us
for this or next month's meeting.

-Any new ideas for finding people who need us?

-More talk about our program on RTBS 

-Anything you may bring



-Anything you may bring 


--Finally- Brags & Drags




*#4 NFB Pledge: 

 I pledge to participate actively in the efforts of the National

Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for
the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to
abide by its constitution.   




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