[nfb-talk] Screen reader for new computer

Bill Outman woutman at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 10 11:32:55 CST 2009

Good day, list.

I just wanted to make sure I have the correct idea as I'm about to decide on
a lap top system to replace my old and outdated desk top.

I've been familiar with Jaws on my current computer.  For some time now
though Windows has had the Narrator program built in to the operating
system, and I've heard of one or two blind people using that for speech

I believe it's correct to say though that this is bare bones access and I
should still add Jaws to the system for truly tailored access in particular
as I am totally blind.

I wanted to double check my thought process before I make the final
decisions about my purchases.

Bill Outman

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