[nfb-talk] Screen reader for new computer

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Tue Nov 10 12:10:42 CST 2009

Yes, Narrator is pretty useless. Well, mostly useless, anyway. If you have JFW and are comfortable with it, continue to use it. 
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On Nov 10, 2009, at 12:32 PM, Bill Outman wrote:

> Good day, list.
> I just wanted to make sure I have the correct idea as I'm about to decide on
> a lap top system to replace my old and outdated desk top.
> I've been familiar with Jaws on my current computer.  For some time now
> though Windows has had the Narrator program built in to the operating
> system, and I've heard of one or two blind people using that for speech
> access.
> I believe it's correct to say though that this is bare bones access and I
> should still add Jaws to the system for truly tailored access in particular
> as I am totally blind.
> I wanted to double check my thought process before I make the final
> decisions about my purchases.
> Bill Outman
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