[nfb-talk] Free online courses

H. Field missheather at comcast.net
Mon Nov 16 18:37:17 CST 2009

Many blind folks who are not students may find this very interesting. 

MIT is now offering a full buffet of free online
  courses!  They have everything from Dance Theory and Composition...
  to Advanced Kitchen Chemistry! Beginning Japanese,
  Artificial Intelligence, or a Hands-On Intro Nuclear Magnetic
  Resonance?  You got it!
  One company that publishes a directory of online colleges has also
  developed a useful categorized listing of these university courses
  at MIT, University of Washington, UC Berkeley and Notre Dame, just
  to name a few.
  Here is a link to this great listing of free online college classes:
  (Click on "more" under each subject to see the complete listing of
  free classes in that category.)
(From: Homeschoolers notebook - Highschool edition)

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