[nfb-talk] Walking Alone and Marching Together Now Online as MP3 Audio

Tina Hansen th404 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 18 21:46:56 CST 2009

Some of you may remember ordering Walking Alone and Marching Together, the history of our first 50 years, on tape in the 1990's. You may remember that the tape box was quite bulky, at least, if you got the NFB version with the original speeches mixed in.

The text of this major historical publication has been online, but until recently, it was only up as text. That meant you either needed to be at your computer or you needed a Braille Note or other portable unit that could handle web pages, and if you wanted audio, you had to either stick with your tape player or make due with the voices provided by your screen reader.

Many of you probably have either a Victor Reader Stream, Book Sense, or Plextalk Pocket, and some high capacity SD cards. If that's true for you, REJOYCE! This major historical book is FINALLY now up in mp3 audio, and you get good narration, along with the original speeches.

To check this out, go to


Thanks, and enjoy.

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