[nfb-talk] Future NFB Conventions

Peter Donahue pdonahue1 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 25 16:29:59 CST 2009

Hello Mike and listers,

    How do prospects for a national convention in Seattle or Vancouver look 
do you know?

Peter Donahue

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I suspect that even Dr. Maurer and Mrs. Jernigan couldn't get the rates down 
in San Fran!


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> You know, it might take some bit of nagotiation, but I would love to
> see National convention in San Francisco. I mean, think of the
> possibilities... You  can have people touring the city, students could
> visit  both San Francisco state and UC Berkley,  Guide dogs for the
> blind is  basically right across the goldengate bridge, oh, and did  I
> mention the goldengate bridge? you can have  the march crossing the
> goldengate bridge.
>  and  for those people who like baseball and tend to visit the ball
> yard... AT&T Park is about  as pretty of a park as they come. you can
> take the bus and find some good food about anywhere in the city.
>  Not to mention that you could  get alot of attention by just being in san 
> fran.
>  Besides,  one of our historically great leaders came from northern 
> california.
>  I think  that's  all amazing reasons  to  make  a national convention
> a golden gate event.
>   Darian
> On 11/25/09, d m gina <dmgina at samobile.net> wrote:
> > thanks Mike I will do just that.
> > Sure would love to see NFB in Colorado again.
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