[Nfbc-info] Save-Mart's web site

Angela fowler fowlers at syix.com
Sun Nov 16 02:09:43 UTC 2008

Dear friends,
    Would anyone like to join with me in calling on Save-Mart to make its
web site more user friendly? They publish their weekly flier online, but the
product descriptions are vague at best. 
As an example, they had the "Boneless Roast Sale" advertised this week.
Since London Broil was counted as a boneless roast last week, I assumed (yes
I know what that means) that it would be the same this week, and ordered 10
pounds of the stuff without questioning the price.  
A kind employee who I have dealt with many times before adjusted the price
when I explained the situation, but the point is, as more blind people
become technologically savvy this kind of misunderstanding is going to keep
happening. Save-Mart needs to be made aware of how blind people access
information online, and of how much their online fliers could help us. We
are, after all, an ever-growing customer base. 
Perhaps someone with more web design knowledge than I have could look at the
source code for the web page and determine what Save-Mart could do to make
their web site better? Then we could start an emailing campaign. If enough
of us get on board, we're sure to catch their attention. 
Here is the link to Save-Mart's web site:
It often takes a considerable time to download, so bear with it.
Thank you
Angela Fowler
fowlers at syix.com

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