[Nfbc-info] regarding what can be doneto start a class action law suit again intuit accounting and tax product for blind accounting professionals

gary melconian garymelc at msn.com
Wed Oct 29 22:49:18 UTC 2008

Hello to the list, I was  wondering what is the process for  starting a nfb
grass roots class action law suit against intuit product. They have droppe
the ball numerous times in the past few years wwith them violating section
508 with their products  not being accessible to the blind  under that
section, but currently they are not and they are getting harder  and harder
to use with accessible hooks  by screenreaders in the Intuit products. I was
wondering what can be done to lett them know that they need to change their
policies in order to have better accessibility in their products with screen
readers being able to acces their products. These being primarly towards
their accounting packages in which the major screen readers will not support
since they can not have meaningful accessibility hooks into the products for
the major screenreader manufacturers and developers to develop
accessibliltiy solution. This is very crucial if ther are to be more
accountant who may be legally blind   in the future or blind now and in the
future,  to hold their lively hoods as free lance accountants. I would like
to know how this can be accomplished. the NFB was able to get AOL to change
its tune an has screenreader alternatives. I am just wondering if this can
also be doen to intuit , so intuit will change its act , to do the same and
to honor the rules and regulations outlined in Section 508 .  I would
appreciate it if these concerns can be brought  to  the NFB attention and
looked into. 


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