[Nfbc-info] Brainstorming! Fundraising idea part II

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Great idea to get a bus.  You'll probably need around $600.00.  The bus 
going from the hotel is with Royal coach and tours.  It's the one John 
Madden uses.  Clean, comfortable and great safety record.  See if there is 
an office in Sac.
Checks could be run through the River City Chapter since that's the only 
chapter in that area right now.

By the way, this is indeed an event for all blind people.  So far, one of 
the agencies are getting a group together to join us.

The purpose of the walk across the bridge is to introduce Whozit and share 
his message of braille literacy and to set a record for  the largest number 
of blind people in the most unusual location, with the most influential 
people.  So we are looking for famous and influential people to meet Whozit 
on the bridge.
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> Hi all I have begun working on the "giant pizza feast which will be held 
> on the first day of fall September  21 2009 More details soon but heres 
> part II
> Many of you want to help grow our convention and can't attend the pizza 
> event  because you are to far away or because of other obligations or 
> maybe just because your counting callories!
> Would those who can't make it be willing to support a simultaneous virtual 
> effort?
> I will tell you how the check or money order is to be written out if this 
> sounds good and it will be to the sponsoring NFBC chapter.
> You can donate just like you would buy pizza $3 $5 whatever by check or 
> money order because if you pay through paypal they might have a limit 
> minimum.  When I was working with the American cancer society it was $10.
> I'm not asking for virtual pizza purchases yet just want feed back would 
> you be willing to help that way rather than having to buy a coupon book 
> you might never use, also is there interest in coupon books at $15 $20 a 
> piece with straw hat if we can get that fund drive happening?
> I would like to finish this drive by the beginning to say the 14th of 
> october.
> Once the bus going to the convention is covered if additional funds are 
> left over we could perhaps donate them to the affiliate to be used to help 
> sponsor members who need help  attending the convention.
> Or would you feel more compelled to donate to the virtual fund if we 
> solely used this portion to sponsor people so they could afford to come 
> thus helping boost our attendance.
> We really need the highest attendance possible and as many blind people as 
> possible walking across the golden gate bridge.  It's a statement for 
> braille literacy and it's a statement letting everyone know the NFBC is 
> alive and well in California that blind people care about their future and 
> want to be involved in shapeing it!
> We need in my opinion 300 or more to attend if possible because with all 
> the California budget cuts it will show those who need to know blind 
> people are concerned!
> If they see a larger group they will know that we have lots more at home 
> who couldn't be there.
> While we might not be impacted further with SSI SSD other programs could 
> be impacted because money is tighter.
> We also need to have our voice affectively heard with vocational 
> rehabilitation and the Kendell reader just to name a few projects and 
> while numbers physical numbers aren't everything they do help.
> Other efforts you can make on and individual basis, invite a friend or two 
> share a room if you need to not just to save you money but to make it 
> possible for others to come also share any ideas you may have how we can 
> get more blind people to attend.
> Mike Peterson
> Mike Peterson
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